Digital Orientalist’s 2023 Conference: Sustainability in the DH

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The Digital Orientalist's 2023 conference on Sustainability in the DH will take place on June 3rd, 2023. This year, we bring together PhD candidates and scholars from 9 different research and educational institutions based in China, UK, Europe, Japan, and USA.

Article 26 Backpack: Univ. California human rights secure storage portal free for Ukrainian students

Ukrainian students, professionals and human rights advocates are encouraged to use the Article 26 Backpack to safeguard academic documents, diplomas, transcripts, professional certificates and credentials, and other sensitive materials from loss. 

Migrant Feelings, Migrant Knowledge: Building a Community Archive

A recent book describes the Humanizing Deportation Project, a digital storytelling archive that aims to share personal experiences of migration and repatriation:

Robert Irwin, ed. Migrant Feelings, Migrant Knowledge: Building a Community Archive (University of Texas Press, 2022).

From Hyperconnectivity to Solitude: A Pharmacological Journey in Digital Performance Ecologies online seminar

Contradictions of the Digital in Screen and Performance Cultures
Dept of Film, Theatre & Television, University of Reading
Speakers: Eirini Nedelkopoulou (University of Glasgow) and Dominic Lees (University of Reading)
Wednesday 17th May 2023, 4 – 5:30 pm

Artificial intelligence and the humanities

Selected recent publications about the implications of artificial intelligence for the humanities and librarianship:

Anna Mills and Lauren M. E. Goodlad, CRITICAL AI: Adapting College Writing for the Age of Large Language Models such as ChatGPT: Some Next Steps for Educators (Critical AI, January 17, 2023)

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