Vatican Secrets unlocked (comment)


Courtesy of H-HistBibl, below is a link to an article that appreared in The Atlantic concering a new crowd-sourced system for developing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) programs that can read and render manuscript material (at least when it is created by professional scribes).  The system was first tested on the manuscripts in the Vatican's Archivum Secretum and employed high school students as research assistants.

Facendo il libro at the NY Academy of Medicine (comment)


The New York Academy of Medicine has opened a new online and physical exhibit focusing on the creation of the  Fasciculus Medicinae, an influential medical work published in Italy in 1491.

The exhibit includes full-text digital reproductions of different editions of the book accompanied by essays concerning its production.  The  exhibit's homepage includes a discussion of the goals of the exhibiti including ways that it breaks new ground in creating online exhibitions.  The curators used Islandora to display a newly digitized source in different ways.

National Film Board of Canada launches online collection of 200+ Films by indigenous directors

A new archive was launched by the National Film Board of Canada:

Indigenous cinema, "an extensive online library of over 200 films by Indigenous directors — part of a three-year Indigenous Action Plan to "redefine" the NFB's relationship with Indigenous peoples."

Reminder: Roy W. Howard Archive Symposium call for submissions

Dear Jhistory colleagues,

The Indiana University Media School has extended the submission deadline to June 15 (11:59 p.m. Eastern) for our Roy W. Howard Archive Symposium, which will be held October 25-26 to mark the launch of our recently digitized Roy W. Howard archive. Full papers are not necessary, and travel funding is available for accepted authors.

The Great Society Congress: A Collaborative Approach to Digital Exhibits and Outreach

An interesting post on the Society of American Archivists blog deas with the  digital exhibit, “The Great Society Congress,” a collaborative project of the Association of Centers for the Study of Congress (ACSC). This post was authored by guest contributors Danielle Emerling, Assistant Curator, Congressional and Political Papers Archivist, West Virginia University Libraries, and Jay Wyatt, Director of Programs and Research, Robert C. Byrd Center for Congressional History and Education.


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