Vatican Library makes 15,000 manuscripts available online for free

 DigiVatLib, ( digital Vatican Library) allows you to explore a selection of digitized materials from their vast catalogue.

Source: J. P. Mauro, "Vatican Library makes 15,000 manuscripts available online for free," Aleteia, June 2, 2018,

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The Public Archive: Woven Into History

"Millions of tweets and millions of state documents. Intimate oral histories and international radio addresses. Ancient pottery and yesterday’s memes. Historians have access to this immense store of online material for doing research, but what else can we do with it? In Spring 2018, graduate students in the Public and Digital History Seminar at UT Austin experimented with ways to make interesting archival materials available and useful to the public; to anyone with access to a computer."

Papers of President Woodrow Wilson Now Online

 The Papers of President Woodrow Wilson online " consist of approximately 280,000 documents, comprising approximately 620,000 images, most of which were digitized from 540 reels of previously produced microfilm." Included are "personal, family, and official correspondence, White House executive office files, drafts and proofs of books, articles, speeches, academic lectures, scrapbooks, shorthand notes, and memorabilia dating from 1786 to 1957 with the bulk of material falling in the period between 1876 and 1924."

High Quality Scans of James Madison’s Notes on the Constitutional Convention

"The Library of Congress recently released new high-resolution scanned images of James Madison’s Notes on the Constitutional Convention... ConSource [the Constitutional Sources Project] has now paired these high-resolution images with their corresponding plain-text, searchable transcriptions in our digital library."

Release of OHMS Suite of Plugins for Omeka and new Omeka theme for oral history

We are pleased to announce the release of a new suite of Omeka plugins that allow users to easily integrate OHMS indexes into this content management system, so that you can import OHMS xml files directly into Omeka and search across interview indexes, with the OHMS viewer displaying at the Omeka item level. If you are a fan of these two open source tools, you'll like them even better now that they work together so nicely.

Encuesta - Survey: How do you deal with ethical dilemmas in digital oral history?

Dear all,

I am conducting an online survey as part of my PhD project on digital oral history. This survey focuses on digital tools and ethical dilemmas and is open to anyone who has already recorded, archived or disseminated oral history interviews.


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