Re: QUERY: Online Resources & Archives for Research on Latin America "remote"

Dear Laura,

You may need to be a bit more specific about the type of resources that you are seeking. In my experience a good point to start is checking what universities in Bolivia have already done about the topic - typically research produced within Latin American academia is open access. Getting in touch with the researchers or research groups can also help get a better picture of what you may be able to find. Public libraries/archives usually have some online materials, again my experience is that of a large variation between countries, insitutions and topics.

‘Our job as citizens’: UC Berkeley Library digitizes massive trove of materials on internment of Japanese Americans

"... the Library has now digitized more than 500,000 materials on Japanese internment, including firsthand accounts and government records.... The Bancroft Library holds one of the most comprehensive collections of materials on the internment of Japanese Americans in the world."

Source: University of California, Berkeley Library News, February 19, 2020,

Deep Discoveries: A new way of exploring and connecting digitised image collections

Dr Lora Angelova and Liz Fulton of the United Kingdom National Archives write about " ‘visual search’, an AI-based method of matching similar images based on their visual characteristics (colour, pattern, shape) rather than a keyword description":

Free access to digital records from the National Archives of the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom's National Archives is "making  digital records available on our website free of charge... Registered users will be able to order and download up to ten items at a time, to a maximum of 50 items over 30 days."

To learn more:

Re: Question: Good Corpus Analysis Software for Chinese Language?

I would recommend DocuSky. You can build your own database collection of texts, attach your own metadata, and search for thousands of word colocations, thus 社, 社會,社會群, and get outputs that you can process in Palladio and other useful search softwares. It has a host of tools. I agree with Elena Valussi above, Digital Sinology is good

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