Re: J. Bruce Jacobs, 1943-2019

Dr. Mark Harrison of the University of Tasmania has published an excellent short tribute to Bruce Jacobs in the latest issue of Asian Currents, the newsletter of the Asian Studies Association of Australia. It's a quick read but a good one, reflecting not only on Bruce's scholarship and legacy, but also the changes in the institutional context of universities that make this kind of career less likely in future. Recommended.

TOC, International Journal of Taiwan Studies, Issue 2.2 (2019)

Dear H-Asia,
 It is my pleasure to announce that Issue 2.2 of the International Journal of Taiwan Studies (September 2019) is now published online:
The International Journal of Taiwan Studies (IJTS), cosponsored by Academia Sinica and the European Association of Taiwan Studies, is a principal outlet for the dissemination of cutting-edge research on Taiwan.
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