Query: Searchable database of/with Hasidic books?

Is there a searchable electronic database with a good selection of Hasidic books?
I often use the Bar-Ilan Responsa collection but its Hasidic content is limited. I recently was told about Ma'agarim; it is an amazing resource but also seems to have very little Hasidic material. Otzar HaHochma has a lot of Hasidic books but doing a search for specific words or phrases seems cumbersome. My thanks for any suggestions!

Justin Jaron Lewis


Subscription to the Mutefferiqa database (action required)

A group of librarians in North America is interested in pursuing the possibility of a collective subscription to Mutefferiqa, a searchable database of Ottoman periodicals and Ottoman printed books. If you are in a North American institution, and you are interested in your institution subscribing to the database, please ask your librarian to contact Guy Burak (guy.burak@nyu.edu) and/or Deborah Schlein (

Modern China Geospatial Database

The Modern China Geospatial Database (MCGD) seeks to provide an all-encompassing series of datasets for the spatial analysis of modern China. The purpose of MCGD is to identify and collect all the name variants under which locations in China were named in historical sources. In particular, this includes the amazing variety of transliteration systems through which Westerners designated place names (e.g. for Shanghai: Shang-hae, Changhaï, Schanghai, etc.). The MCGS Search interface can be used to identify and locate place names.

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