Childhood-Related Source Materials: Library Building Project

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I am looking for primary source materials related to childhood studies in order to build a resource library for graduate students and instructors.

My name is Emily Slomski. I am a second year graduate student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln under the advisement of Dr. Will Thomas.

open-access primary sources: the Founders Online and related websites

In her post a few days ago, Abby Chandler alluded to the Founders Online, and I am following up with a few more details and thoughts.  The Founders Online database gathers the writings of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and family, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison in a free, searchable database.  The database is based on the published volumes of the Founders’ correspondence; five of the six projects are ongoing (all but Hamilton, I believe), and new documents are typically added to Founders On

Re: Finding primary source documents in open source databases for Early American history

If you start in the late 17th c, rather than limit it to the 18th, and move beyond Virginia, the UVA Salem Witch Trial Archive is an excellent open source. In addition to surviving records of the trials, which are incomplete but massive in scope, it includes images of contemporary commentaries. Note that there are other sites with Salem materials, but this one is by far the best--most accurate and most comprehensive.

Finding primary source documents in open source databases for Early American history

I teach early American history at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, a regional state university. Many of our students work full or part time which can make assigning research papers challenging as they need access to primary sources on their schedules. The emergence in the past few decades of digital databases with their thousands of scanned original documents are a wonderful addition to the history field and seemingly tailor made for research papers for students with rigid schedules.


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