Maintaining a Source Database - Part II: Best Practices

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In Part I, we started to dive a little deeper on the choosing software for creating and maintaining a source database.  After deciding on your software, it can be somewhat intimidiating to actually organize all those readings you have done and will do.  First I will share some basic practices I have come to use, and then turn to discussing categories and tags as they pertain to your database.

1. Make sure to include the full bibliographic citation – This seems obvious but with many sources distributed or accessed digitally it can be easy to include only the name of, say, a chapter and author in

Maintaining a Source Database - Ideas and Best Practices

Douglas Priest Blog Post

[I'm going to split this into two posts, but for the purposes of putting the rest of the blog post together I'm going to keep it all in here - This is still in draft form and needs to be edited before posting to the live Network]

Part I - Choosing your Software.

Grad School is, among other things, a monumental challenge of organization. The previous three posts in the Insider Information blog gave tips for getting the most out your time spent reading.  But what do we do with all that information and how can we easily recall it when we actually need it? Even the best memory will often forget an