Digitized Database of Jewish Cemeteries in Turkey

The Goldstein-Goren Diaspora Research Center at Tel Aviv University is pleased to present the Digitized Database of Jewish Cemeteries in Turkey, in Memory of Prof. Bernard Lewis z"l. The database is the culmination of many years of dedicated research by Prof. Minna Rozen, and it provides access to a truly unique collection which combines digital images and textual content of over 61,000 Jewish gravestones from a variety of communities in Turkey from 1583 until 1990.

New release: Thesaurus d'Epigraphie Islamique, Edition 2020

Max van Berchem Foundation, Geneva


Conceived and directed by L. KALUS, co-directed by F. BAUDEN, developed by F. SOUDAN

New Website : http://www.epigraphie-islamique.uliege.be

This project aims to bring together all the Arabic, Persian, and Turkish (or even in other languages) inscriptions of the Muslim world until the year 1000 AH, that is to say, the period usually identified as the Middle Ages.

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