Exhibition Reviewer(s) Wanted

Anyone wishing to review the 2018 Dak’art Biennial for the journal African Arts, or any other current exhibitions on historical and contemporary art in Europe or Africa, is requested to contact Dunja Hersak, the overseas Exhibition Reviews Editor  ( dvhersak@gmail.com ). The views of established scholars as well as doctoral candidates are encouraged.

ANN: The Opening of Dak'Art 2016 Biennale of Dakar

DAK’ART 2016 BIENNALE of DAKAR May, 3 – June, 2 — 2016

12th Edition of the Dakar Biennale « The City in the Blue Daylight »

Artistic director Simon Njami: making Dak’Art a « new Bandung for Culture »

« Your voice tells us about the Republic that we shall erect the City in the Blue Daylight
In the equality of sister nations. And we, we answer: Presents,
Ô Guélowâr ! »

by Leopold Sedar Senghor 


WEB SITE: www.dakart.net


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