Re: Current Affairs Discourse (CAD): ‘The Christchurch Massacre’

Māori's ceremonial Haka as a response to the Christchurch Massacre echoes parallel ceremonial art traditions elsewhere in the world that have been used to critique and inform the public about current affairs. For instance, Chākkyār Koothu of Kerala, India is an art form that had its birth in the royal court, primarily as a form of jest. These royal jesters, called Chākkyār, used to point out defects in the royal administration and would also follow up on the corrective measures.

Current Affairs Discourse (CAD): ‘The Christchurch Massacre’

The H-Celebration network is deeply saddened by these tragic events and our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends in their time of sorrow and loss.


We would like to hear your views on the Haka performance as a response to and in the aftermath of the tragic ‘Christchurch Massacre.’ You can start a scholarly discussion, write a report, personal scholarly narrative or a review. Please note that all writing must inform celebration, festivals, leisure, or some aspect of customary ceremonies, ritual experiences and celebrations. 



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