Gaokao scores post-CR

A colleague (not a China scholar) asked me a question for which I had no answer, so I am passing it on to the H-PRC hive-mind.
He is looking for data on the gaokao scores of students admitted to universities in the post-Mao era (1977 to early 1980s). He has read (or I suggested he should read) the obvious studies in English (Unger, Pepper, etc.) but please, send along suggestions!

Many thanks!




CFA: Fourth UZH-BLCU Summer School in Chinese Language and Linguistics

The Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies, University of Zurich, and the Center for Studies of Chinese as a Second Language, Beijing Language and Culture University, invite undergraduate and graduate students proficient in Chinese (HSK 5) to participate in the Fourth Summer School in Standard Chinese, Varieties, Language Change in Beijing.

Re: Rural art during the Cultural Revolution

I found this booklet quite interesting:
Hebei renmin chubanshe (河北人民出版社) (eds), Nongcun meishu shouce [农村美术手册, Handbook for art in rural villages] (Shijiazhuang: Hebei renmin chubanshe, 1975)
It has theory and examples, both for images, slogans and calligraphy that can be used
stefan landsberger


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