NVWT marker for Eugenia B. Farmer

Image for National Votes for Women Trail marker for Eugenia B. Farmer - located at Trinity Episcopal Church, 326 Madison Avenue, Covington KY @39.0874177,-84.5807303

The marker content states: "Eugenia B. Farmer statewide suffrage leader. Led fight for women's school suffrage in Ky. Helped host state suffrage conventon here in 1897. (William C. Pomeroy Foundation 2021, [marker no.] 113)

Moments of interracial cooperation in the Kentucky suffrage movement

Some questions have come up recently about examples within the Kentucky suffrage movement of black and white women working together to secure voting rights. 

Randolph Hollingsworth has written about one instance in 1915 in Bell County as reported in the Kentucky Equal Rights Association Minutes.  You can find information about it here: https://networks.h-net.org/node/2289/blog/2195693/working-across-racial-boundaries-bell-county-womens-suffrage

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