Re: Inquiry: Undergraduate Course Syllabus "Biodiversity and Society"

Hi Dan,
Contacting Tsegaye Nega ( could be helpful. I took a mid-level undergrad course with him titled "Biodiversity, Conservation, and Development" about 15 years ago, and it looks like he's still offering it. I can't speak to what the syllabus currently includes or how much it focuses on fauna & flora, but I do remember getting into cases of wildlife interaction and crop genetics in East Africa (a region of expertise for Tsegaye) to steep in the complexity of social-environmental issues.
Good luck!

Inquiry: Undergraduate Course Syllabus "Biodiversity and Society"

Dear Colleagues,

for developping a course for undergraduate students (2nd-3rd year of BA) I am looking for a syllabus and course plan dedicated to biodiversity and society: this means it shoud not deal with "environment" at large, but rather focus on biodiversity (fauna AND flora) and its interactions with human society. Has anyone taught - or maybe just came across - an introductory course like that?

Wishing all of us a good 2023,


Syllabi for Modern Southeast Asia course, intermediate level

Dear colleagues,

I am looking to freshen my Modern Southeast Asia course, and I would like to ask if anyone might share their syllabi, sources, and particualrly assignments with me. My current course, for which there has not been a demand for a while, is out of date. The course will be taught next year at the intermediate undergraduate level, with students who will appreciate a mixture of written and visual sources, including videos, etc. Any suggestions much appreciated.

ANN: Deadline Extended: CLAH Syllabus Prize now due Dec. 10!

Dear colleagues, 

Given the year we've all had, we're extending the deadline for this year's syllabus competition to Dec. 10. See details below.

The Teaching and Teaching Materials Section of the Conference on Latin American History (CLAH) has partnered with an anonymous donor to offer a $300 prize for the best syllabus posted to H-Latam’s Syllabi Collection.

Re: 'Gender & Material Culture' Graduate Syllabus: suggestions?

You might look at thethe contributions to Making Gender with Things, English translation (available on line through JStor of Objets et Fabrication du genre. Autumn, 2014 issue (40) of Clio: Femmes, Histoire, Genre. Editors Leora Auslander, with Rebecca Rogers and Michelle Zancarini-Fournel. On material culture as a source for historians of gender and sexuality.
Leora Auslander
History, Univ. of Chicago

Re: 'Gender & Material Culture' Graduate Syllabus: suggestions?

Jo Paoletti's Pink and Blue: telling the boys from the girls in america is one of my go-to referrals for the topic of children's gendering and material culture.
I think looking at the presentation of very young children is especially effective because they were dressed almost without gender until school-age for most of portraited history. And now you'll see some parents push back on boys wearing even a plain daygown because it's a "dress".

Re: 'Gender & Material Culture' Graduate Syllabus: suggestions?

Hi Sophie,

I find that Building Houses Out of Chicken Legs by Psyche Williams-Forson (link below), is a great example of material culture and gender converging. I hope you find it useful!

'Gender & Material Culture' Graduate Syllabus: suggestions?

Hi, I'm teaching a new Graduate interdisciplinary seminar on "Gender & Material Culture" (keen to keep it open in terms of time/place as it will have a range of students), I would appreciate any suggestions for readings and approaches that have worked well, esp. in terms of methodology but also case-studies. Thanks!

Sophie White, Professor of American Studies, University of Notre Dame

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