Article: Greg Castillo, "Counterculture Materialized: Work and the ‘Outlaw Builder'"

Greg Castillo, "Counterculture Materialized: Work and the ‘Outlaw Builder" Room One Thousand #6 (May 2018): 49-81.

Greg Castillo is an Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley. You can find the article attached to this post.


Article Synopsis

Lecture on New Mexico Counterculture by Benjamin Klein at New Mexico History Museum February 24

A Counterculture Encore: Dropouts, Renegades, and Utopians, “New Settlers of Northern New Mexico” presentation by author Benjamin Klein

Steve Samuels, Max Finstein, and Tom Law carrying a bell at El Rito Campground, 1967-1971, Irwin Klein, Photo Archives HP.2013.26.04


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