Providing Providing Online Access to Photographic Archive Collections: A Report on Copyright Issues

"PHAROS – an international consortium of fourteen European and North American art-historical photographic archives – has published a ground-breaking new report exploring the cross-border copyright issues involved in creating an online open-access research platform.

The Elephant Roundup (February 2021)


An occasional newsletter from the editors of Feeding the Elephant: A Forum for Scholarly Communications.

Financial Health of Colleges & Universities

Feeding the Elephant blog post: "Working with Your Librarian: Copyright Assistance during COVID-19"

Feeding the Elephant just issued a guest post by Sara R. Benson, Interim Head of the Scholarly Commons and Copyright Librarian, University of Illinois Library:

"Working with Your Librarian: Copyright Assistance during COVID-19"

This One Simple Trick Makes Permissions Easy and Fun

A post from Feeding the Elephant: A Forum for Scholarly Communications.

Getting permission to reproduce copyrighted material in your own work can be intimidating and frustrating, and most scholars don’t get much, if any, training in how to do it. You won’t be surprised to learn there is no one simple trick, but the following tips aim to demystify the process and make it easier to manage.

Re: avoiding self-plagiarism, comment

Dear subscribers:

Please accept my apologies for misleading you. For some reason, this column doesn't seem to have a direct link. Try this link (below) which SHOULD go to the section on "Working with your Editor." in the Feeding the Elephant section of the Book Channel. The post on plagiarism should be visible. If that doesn't work, try going to the H-Net commons, then select "H-Net Services" and then select "The Book Channel" If neither of those works, let me know and I will take it up with H-Net.

Re: avoiding self-plagiarism, comment

This is a topic of great interest to me; and thank you for this post. However, when I click on the link you provided, I am being directed to this: , which seems to be about African American history. Is anyone else having this experience?

Josey/Josephine Cooper

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