Re: Does Brexit Mean Brexit?

Thanks Brian
I think you are absolutely right to underscore the importance of nationalism to Brexit. Brexit is indeed reconfiguring political loyalties in the UK.
As you say, the nation, rather than the state, is becoming the focus of loyalties, although this is blurred in the case of England. The 'British' rhetoric of Brexit has obscured this development.

Does Brexit Mean Brexit?

H-Nationalism is pleased to publish a further contribution to its ongoing 'Brexit, Nationalism and the Future of Europe' series, which discusses the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union and its impact on nationalism and the future of Europe in a multidisciplinary perspective. Please feel welcome to add to the discussion by posting a reply.

Brexit: Six Months to Go

This is the final scheduled post in H-nationalism's series 'Brexit, The Future of Europe and Nationalism'. We would like to thank the contributors for the incisiveness and high quality of their posts. The different approaches taken provided insights into a complex and controversial topic. This is not the end of Brexit or its consequences. Over the coming months we will publish updates and promote further discussion.

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