A Pennsylvania Catholic in Big Labor's Court

In 1904, a young coal miner in western Pennsylvania, terminated for fighting with his boss over fraudulent practices, was also evicted from his home and forced to leave town. He sadly observed the workingman “is alone. He has no organization to defend him. He has nowhere to go.”¹ Thereafter, this Catholic immigrant from Scotland, Philip Murray (1886-1952), devoted his life to unionism, becoming one of the most important labor leaders in twentieth century America.

Read All About It! From Chicago Crime Reporter to National Labor Advocate

Harry Cyril Read, a Chicago-born Catholic newspaper editor and author, was also a soldier and labor advocate. Between 1912 and 1945, he worked at several newspapers: the Cheyenne Leader, the Chicago Daily Journal, Chicago American, Chicago Herald-Examiner, Michigan CIO News, and the Wage Earner. In 1945, He was once 'friends' with famed mobster Al Capone.

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