Hosting an event related to children's history? DEADLINE EXTENSION TO MARCH 1




The Society for the History of Childhood and Youth will award two $500 grants and one $1500 grant for events that take place in 2023–24.

The $500 grants will help defray expenses for speakers, workshops, and other scholarly events fully or partially devoted to the history of children and youth. Possible uses:

Who owns the rights to recorded conference presentations?


The March H-Net Book Channel blog Feeding the Elephant discussed a controversy over the agreement that the College Art Association tried torequire from scholars presenting at its annual conference.  The CAA agreement initially created a set of conditions and permissions that several presenters found unacceptable. They were required to allow the CAA to use and re-use their presentations and all "derivatives" but also to obtain permission from the rights owner for every artwork that they included in their talks. 

Stepping into 2D: Moving the Publisher Exhibit Online

A post from Feeding the Elephant: A Forum for Scholarly Communications. This is the first of a series on how scholarly societies, publishers, and attendees are coping with the challenges of the virtual conference.

A guest post by Hajni G. Selby, Director of Programming and Conferences, Organization of American Historians

H-Net Resources and Coronavirus Disruptions

Dear All, 

I know many of you are scrambling to get your courses online or figure out what to do with conference papers because of the dislocations caused by the coronavirus. H-Net offers the following two sites to help out: 

Online Teaching Resources:

Remote Conference Presentations:

Kind Regards, 

Dave Prior

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