Conference report: "Decolonization and the Politics of Wildlife in Africa"

The establishment of European colonial rule on the African continent not only involved the colonization of nature, but essentially meant colonization through nature. But in how far did decolonization across Africa south of the Sahara equally affect the sphere of ecology and relationships between humans and wildlife? Have Africa’s wild animals ever been decolonized?

Conference Report: Media Medica

How has the hospital note changed from being handwritten on paper to typed on a computer? Is it possible to perform talk therapy with a video camera? Do external devices remind wearers to enact healthful behaviors or enable them to forget? These are some of the questions raised at the Media Medica: Medicine & the Challenge of New Media conference held at Johns Hopkins October 27-28, 2017. Jeremy Greene and Gianna Pomata organized this international meeting to explore the triangulation of media, genre, and technology.

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