The Ecology of Economic Thought: Online workshop, January 2021, Harvard and Uppsala

One would think that environmental history and economic history would be peas in a pod. After all, central questions in the history of economic thought concern environmental issues such as the early-modern enclosures and the importance of water-power and coal to the industrial revolution. The meanings of ‘the environmental’ and ‘the economic’ have shifted over the centuries, especially as issues were traded between natural philosophy, political economy, and ecology.

PhD Fellowship The Lifetimes of Epidemics in Europe and the Middle East

We now have a three year PhD fellowship in the research project The Lifetimes of Epidemics in the Middle East and Europe. The deadline is 8 October.

The Lifetimes of Epidemics in Europe and the Middle East (EPIDEMICS) sets out to analyse and understand the different temporalities of epidemics – how social, scientific and political preconditions for preventing and handling epidemics change, and how these temporalities are challenged by the temporalities of pathogens and disease.

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