CFP: The Ottoman Empire, Its Minoritized Voices, and the Global South (ACLA panel, Chicago, March 2023)

Dear Colleagues,

We welcome paper proposals for the following seminar at the ACLA 2023 Annual Meeting in Chicago (March 16-19):

The Ottoman Empire, Its Minoritized Voices, and the Global South

CfP (Conference Panel): "Sensing Migrant Romanticism," American Comparative Literature Association

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Please consider submitting an abstract for our ACLA 2023 seminar proposal, "Sensing Migrant Romanticism." The conference will be held March 16-19 2023 in Chicago, and the abstracts are due October 31, 2022 to be uploaded directly to the ACLA website, with the portal for submissions openi

ANK: Workshop "Heilige Spiele", Halle (6.-7. Oktober 2022)

Workshop im Rahmen des Forschungsforums „Literatur und Religion“ für junge Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler



Donnerstag, 6. Oktober

9:00-9:30 Begrüßung

9:30-10:30 Gemeinsame Lektüre: Hans-Georg Gadamer, Der Begriff des Spiels



CFP: ACLA-Panel 2023: Sensing Migrant Romanticism, Chicago (31.10.2022)


In his influential study of Romanticism, M. H. Abrams famously claimed that radical aesthetic novelties “frequently turn out to be migrant ideas which, in their native intellectual habitat, were commonplaces.” This panel seeks to embrace such migrancy to go beyond the confines of European culture and periodization and even question the assumptions about originality, propriety, legitimacy, and imitation embedded in Abrams and later interpreters of Romanticism. 

Queer kinship in literature

Dear colleagues,

For anyone working on queer kinship in literature (any language / period), I would like to draw your attention to my seminar at the American Comparative Literature Association's (ACLA’s) 2023 conference: Anyone interested in presenting a paper at this seminar is requested to formally apply through the ACLA’s website between October 1 and October 31.

CFP: ACLA-Panel 2023: Voicing ‘the Other’: Literatures Between and Beyond Appreciation and (Re-)Appropriation, Chicago (31.10.2022)

Debates about cultural appropriation are omnipresent. Although they seem to revolve more often around music and fashion, questions such as “who has the right to write about whom and/or in what way?” are also being raised in relation to literature. While the hashtag #OwnVoices promotes books whose authors and protagonists share the same marginalized identity, it could also be argued that fiction is fiction and that it should be irrelevant who writes it, as long as it is good.


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