CfP: The End(s) of Communism: Paths to De-Communization in the Former Eastern Bloc

This conference will contribute to that effort by bringing together scholars of Central and Eastern Europe to explore the contested legacies of communism in the former Soviet bloc, with a focus on those countries where debates over the communist past have become entwined with broader developments in contemporary politics.

New Publication: "Hollywood Film behind the Iron Curtain: Cold War Nostalgias in Chuck Norris vs Communism (2015)" (Journal of American Studies)

This article focusses on the American reception of a British–Romanian documentary about the black market for VHS Hollywood films in 1980s Romania. The film uses two different registers of nostalgia. On the one hand, it functions as an ostalgic media product that engages Eastern European viewers by building upon a sense of continuity with the socialist past. On the other hand, its surprising success in the American conservative blogosphere reveals the endurance of Cold War exceptionalist tropes.

CfP The Lefts and Nationalisms - ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops, Prague, 25-28 May 2021

At a time of resurgent minority nationalism in some European regions, many of them clearly leaning towards the left, and when radical right and populist parties are successfully attracting working-class support on the basis of welfare chauvinist proposals that pit natives against immigrants and globalisation in defence of the ‘national welfare state’, the study of the (often-troubled) relationship between the Left and the national issue acquires renewed relevance for both academic and practical purposes. 

Initial Research Survey on tourist attractions on Communism in the Czech Republic

My research revolves around the memory of Communism in museums. As an initial part of my research, I'd like to focus on the Czech Republic. I prepared a survey for those who have been to the Czech Republic and have been to museums, tours, and sites that deal with the memory of Communism. If you qualify as one of those people, please help me out! Here’s the link to my survey:

Red Migrations: Marxism and Mobility after 1917

Red Migrations: Marxism and Transnational Mobility after 1917 is a research project organized by Bradley Gorski (Georgetown University) and Philip Gleissner (The Ohio State University). The project explores the many ways in which Marxism and Soviet culture enabled, facilitated, and moderated global mobility, shaping a transnational socialist communities.

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