Re: What are the best pedagogical, most important, non-western primary sources to teach.

Thank you again for your replies on this thread. Kaveh Hemmat thank you for your suggestions. I will look into the ones that I don't know as well as I should.

Although I strongly disagree with Jonathan Burack that these 50 would make an appropriate list for world history - without many other documents as some have listed, such as the Muqaddimah. I actually have no problem having these documents as long as they are part of a longer list.

Introducing: The Commodity Frontiers Initiative

The transformation of the global countryside has been essential to the emergence and consolidation of capitalism over the last 500 years. Commodity frontiers have swept vast grasslands and forests, mountains and marine spaces, setting populations in motion, transforming social relations, and drawing raw materials, food, fuel, and people into global networks of labor and trade.


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