CFP - 2nd call for Partnerships: Enhancing Opportunities, Middle East Librarians Association (Boston, 15-17 Nov 2016)

The 2016 annual meeting will take place November 15th-17th in Boston, MA on the campus of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Confirmed time and meeting places are as follows:

Labs Are for the Humanities, Too

Interesting report on a two-day conference at the National Endowment for the Humanities headquarters entitled “The Humanities Laboratory: Discussions of New Campus Models,” attended by representatives from Arizona State University, the University of Michigan and the University of Chicago:

"Faculty members and students in humanities labs seek to use inquiry to advance collaborative, often interdisciplinary research. The emphasis isn't on the type of experiments one might find in a physics lab, but on the collaborative aspect of conducting research together."

CFC: Edited Collection on Imperialism

Edited Collection on Imperialism: Expressions of Interest in Chapter Contributions

Dear Colleagues,

We are looking to revisit some of the ideas of formal and informal imperialism and of collaboration that run through and have been developed from the classic essay by John Gallagher and Ronald Robinson ‘The Imperialism of Free Trade’ (1953).  In particular, we are looking at ways in which their ideas might be helpfully developed in understanding contemporary economies. 

Saving Sid Boyum's Art: Community Collaboration at the Wisconsin Historical Society

Badger Bulletin

Nestled between Dunning Street and Jackson Street on Atwood Avenue, right along the Capital City Trail in Madison, Wisconsin, sits a grinning larger-than-life mushroom and a bright blue and red dragon urn. The creator of this public art is Sid Boyum, artist and eccentric extraordinaire, whose public art has been delighting Madisonians since the 1960s. Sid was a prolific artist with works that extended far beyond his public art; he was undeniably creative with visionary and artistic friends.

Member book: Hoffmann, Berlin Koreans and Pictured Koreans

Book Announcement – Berlin Koreans and Pictured Koreans

Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to announce that my book, Berlin Koreans and Pictured Koreans, is now available in print and in eBook (PDF) format. It is the first of three volumes in the series Koreans and Central Europeans: Informal Contacts up to 1950. All three are edited by Andreas Schirmer. The other two are multi-authored volumes and are expected to be published later this year.

Collaborations on Rhetoric and Leadership

Many rhetoricians end up in administrative roles in departments, writing programs, and learning centers because our studies of communications, general education, and institutional change provide us with a set of skills that can be put to good use in a wide range of leadership roles.  Research on leadership can help us build on our disciplinary expertise, as we will discuss at an all-day preconvention workshop at the Conference on College Compos

International Summer Certificate Program: Identity-Based Conflict Resolution

Synopsis: This unique 4-week Program (July 5-30, 2015), taking place at Bar-Ilan University, offers 11 credits (including an internship) and a certificate in Conflict Resolution. Applications are open to holders of undergraduate/graduate degrees and current graduate students, worldwide, from all fields and disciplines in social sciences, liberal arts and the humanities. Total tuition: $3,620.


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