CfP: ASEEES: Propaganda and unconventional, transatlantic communication in the Cold War (due Feb. 15!)

CfP – ASEEES: Personal Communication and Propaganda during the Cold War

With the application deadline for ASEEES looming (Feb 15), we are looking for a third paper to round-out our panel. Our talks touch on issues related to propaganda and personal communication, the multivalent nature of propaganda for its varied audiences, both across and within Cold-War divides, the differences between civic- and state-run initiatives, and the legal and diplomatic frameworks in which propagandists negotiated their campaigns of persuasion.

Race, Radicalism, and Reaction in the 1960s and 1970s

Chair: Todd Holmes, Oral History Center, University of California, Berkeley
Commentator: David Barber, University of Tennessee at Martin

Organizing Multiracial Workplaces: The Activism of the League of Revolutionary Struggle, 1974–1991 
Eddie Bonilla, Michigan State University

“With Imagination and Enthusiasm:” The FBI, COINTELPRO, and Investigations of White Student Activists in the 1960s South 
Gregg Michel, University of Texas at San Antonio


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