Call for 2019 ASEH Panelist: “Global Perspectives on Crisis and Space in Pre-industrial Environmental Histories”

Dear colleagues, we'd like to repost this call from H-Announce with an update: Faisal Husain, who will present on climate-induced disaters in the Ottoman Empire, has just joined our panel. We're very excited to seek for the fourth panelist who shares similar interest. Thank you!

Call for Panelists

Climate and Disease in Medieval Eurasia, in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Asian History (2018)

Dear Colleagues,

The following essay has just been released open-access. You may find this summary handy for reference or teaching purposes. Note that it includes sections at the end on the historiography of the fields of climate and disease history; information on primary sources and links to digital materials; and a list of Further Reading.

Here's the citation and link:


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