CFP: Klima/Skepsis. Ökokritische Perspektiven auf den Anthropozän-Diskurs, Innsbruck (05.04.2019)

Die Minustemperaturen im Mittleren Westen der USA ließen Präsident Donald Trump am 29. Januar via Twitter Position zur globalen Erwärmung beziehen:

What the hell is going on with Global Waming [sic!]? Please come back fast, we need you! ( –> tweet )

Degroot, 'The Frigid Golden Age,' Roundtable Review, Vol. 8, No. 6 (2018)

Roundtable Review, Vol. 8, No. 6 (2018)

Title: The Frigid Golden Age: Climate Change, the Little Ice Age, and the Dutch Republic, 1560-1720

Author: Dagomar Degroot

Commentators: Nicholas J. Cunigan, James Bergman, Katrin Kleemann, Thomas Wickman

Editor: Melanie A. Kiechle


Call for Short Stories: Our Entangled Future -- January 15, 2019

“The world and its possibilities for becoming are remade with each moment” – Karen Barad

Researchers on climate change, transformation and planetary futures – how would storifying your research look like with propositional scenarios? C-CHANGE and AdaptationCONNECTS at the University of Oslo are inviting short stories that help activate the possible and challenge dominant modes of thinking and action around the tepid response to climate change.

World Congress of Environmental History July 2019: 1 Week to Deadline (October 1, 2018)

Dear All,

There are for sure good environmental reasons NOT to attend congresses. Travels=pollution, hotels=excessive water consumption, congress venue=boom of waste accumulation. There are also solid economic reasons NOT to attend congresses: they are often so expensive that the family budget just cannot afford one further academic travel of yours. 


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