CFP: Bridging the Gap? Digital Media in the Humanities Classroom (Special Issue of Interdisciplinary Humanities)

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Recent critical focus on media and technology maps efforts to create a dynamic classroom that at its best enriches teaching and learning at the university. But the long-standing interest in media as a means to reach students and enhance delivery also points to an absence in current scholarship, which has not been attentive to that same media as content in the humanities classroom.

Re: Let's Discuss Teaching and Podcasts

I will be presenting a poster session at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga on teaching with podcasts and will keep the group informed as to the responses to my research/methods.

I use academic podcasts as a replacement for a few reading assignments. I had a colleague joke that podcasts were the new "cliff notes" - funny, yes, but the reality? They will listen before combing through abstracts of journal articles that pertain to a specific topic/theme. I think what I incorporate is along the line of Marshall Poe's post- students have a chance to listen to top scholars.

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