The Place of the Two American Revolutions in the Past, Present and Future

The World Socialist Web Site will be celebrating the 244th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence by hosting a public, on-line discussion with five eminent historians: Victoria Bynum, Clayborne Carson, Richard Carwardine, James Oakes and Gordon Wood, moderated by me and WSWS International Editorial Board Chairman David North. I invite you to attend and to share this with students and colleagues.

Author Interview--Adam H. Petty (The Battle of the Wilderness in Myth and Memory)

Hello H-CivWar Readers:

Today we feature Adam H. Petty to talk about his new book The Battle of the Wilderness in Myth and Memory: Reconsidering Virginia’s Most Notorious Civil War Battlefield, published by the Louisiana State University Press.

Adam Petty is an editor at the Joseph Smith Papers and he received his Ph.D. from the University of Alabama.

Author Interview--Ann L. Tucker (Newest Born of Nations) Part 2

Hello H-CivWar readers,

today we continue with our multipart video interview series featuring Ann L. Tucker.

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Ann Tucker via Zoom. We talked about her book Newest Born of Nations: European Nationalist Movements and the Making of the Confederacy, which comes out this week with the University of Virginia Press. The interview is broken up so that you can easily use the material in class.

Graduate Student Interview: Caroline Wood Newhall

Editorial Note: We are excited to start a new series today: graduate student/early career historians interviews. H-CivWar's Social Media Coordinator, John R. Legg, a Ph.D. student at George Mason University, is going to interview fellow graduate students and early career historians about their research.

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