#AUPresses21 | Stepping Up to Support Racial Justice Movements

In this series of reports, members of the Elephant editorial collective recap selected panels from the 2021 AUPresses Virtual Annual Meeting held June 7-18, 2021. We welcome further discussion of issues raised by the panelists via the Reply box below each post.

Caitlin Tyler-Richards, Acquisitions Editor, Michigan State University Press

Georgia State University Libraries Awarded National Grant To Digitize Historically Significant Labor and Civil Rights Materials

Georgia State University Library is pleased to announce that we have received  $350,000 grant from the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) to digitize and provide access to the GSU Southern Labor Archives’ American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) Civil Rights Southeast Division and the University of Maryland’s George Meany Memorial Archives national-level records from the AFL, CIO and AFL-CIO Civil Rights.  This collaboration with t

Re: The Concept of a Third Reconstruction

Dave’s exegesis on the varied meanings of “reconstruction” is similar to my experience with investigating the meaning of “compromise” before the Civil War.  That term has several applications in everyday life and legislation, but changes to its meaning were responses to circumstances, not to some abstract and mystical philosophical process.  The sectional crisis imbued “compromise” with a particular application and resonance in public discourse.

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