University of California - San Diego, Communication Assistant Professor - Media and Popular Culture


The Department of Communication ( within the Division of Social Sciences at the University of California, San Diego is seeking to make an appointment at the Assistant Professor level, to begin Fall, 2019 in the following area:

Queerness and Television in the 21st Century (Turku, Finland, November 22-24, 2018)


This workshop call for papers invites presentation proposals pertaining to any aspect(s) of queerness in contemporary television during the period from 2000 to the present. Topics pertaining to cultural and/or television studies at the intersection of gender/sexuality studies and/or queer theory are invited from scholars, educators, and students of various levels and disciplines. Contributors are encouraged to interpret and explore this topic broadly and innovatively.

Superheroes and Disability: Unmasking Ableism in the Media

Both disability studies and comic studies are a continually growing field for academic departments across the globe. Scholars have noticed the increasing presence of their intellectual approaches in political and philosophical theorizing both inside and outside of the academy. In fact, the growing popularity of superheroes confronting disability has led to a litany of scattered publications and essays about supercrips and other discriminatory representations that associate disability with villainy.

Re-envisioning African American Film Through Jordan Peele’s Get Out

Since its release in 2016, Jordan Peele’s debut film Get Out has attracted attention and commentary from popular audiences, film critics, and literary scholars due to its relevance within a media-driven era that is becoming increasingly conscious of overt and subtle forms of violence against black bodies.

FAILED CINEMA conference

At what point can an artistic endeavor be defined as a failure? If a film achieves critical acclaim and countless accolades, yet disappoints in its returns at the box office, has it failed? Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was the second highest-grossing film in the US and Canada as well as the bestselling home media release of 2009. However, the film was panned critically, holding a 19% on Rotten Tomatoes and winning three Razzies for Worst Picture, Worst Director and Worst Screenplay at the 30t? h? Annual Golden Raspberry Awards.

Sites Queer: Technologies, Spaces and Otherness

Much of queer theory, history, art and performance have been discussed from Anglo American and European perspectives. Sites Queer is an interdisciplinary three-day conference exploring the multiple ways in which LGBTQ+ spaces and identities get reconfigured, performed and contested through the technologies and spatial politics of diverse ethnic cultures. Although we welcome submissions from all cultural backgrounds, we are particularly interested in inviting research projects rooted in Latin American, Asian, Aboriginal and African cultures.


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