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To all the responders: Many thanks. The Ministry of Education dictionary is a fantastic resource that I din't know about, and will enthusiastically recommend to anybody interested. It shows that the 积 character does exist as a variant for 積. This raises all sorts of questions. Were enthusiastic simplifiers sticking unauthorized simplifications into their linotype fonts around 1987 or '89, or was the ms. prepared for publication before that? Were the editor(s) submitting their own handwritten simplifications to the printer?

Re: Strange chinese character

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You might find the ROC Ministry of Education's Dictionary of Chinese Character Variants ( to be a useful source for such searches. Could the character you describe be variant #2 on ?

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Strange chinese character

I have encountered a footnote introducing a memoir from China’s 1911 revolution, drafted presumably in 1911. Transliterated, we have the line “. . . (1911) nian suo zuo X gao” (" X draft written in the year 1911). The X is a little blurry, but appears, compared to other characters in the book, to be a simplified character composed of the grain radical on the left and the character zhi (“only”) as phonetic on the right.

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