RESOURCE: Library of .slr files (to run user-delimited searches) for use with CBReader

Dear colleagues,

The CBReader allows searching through user-delimited groups of texts, rather than the entire corpus. This functionality is a powerful facet of the CBReader's search capacities. However, I have found that creation of such groups can be cumbersome with the CBReader point-and-click interface, especially if the groups one wishes to create are very large, and not captured by the traditional organisation of the canon.

QUERY> Postwar Sales and Distribution of Buddhist Canon Sets

Dear colleagues,

I am finishing up final edits for a chapter on the Pinjia Canon (Pinjia jingshe jiaokan da zangjing 頻伽精舍校刊大藏經, Shanghai: 1908-1913) and was wondering if there are any approximate numbers on the number of full sets of the East Asian Buddhist canon that have been sold or distributed in the past ~70 years. I am only interested in printed sets, such as the Zhonghua da zangjing 中華大藏經 (1982), reprint editions of the Taisho, or even the recent reprint of the Pinjia canon itself, rather than CD copies of CBETA or other electronic editions.

RESOURCE> Bibliography of Translations from the Chinese Buddhist Canon

Dear Colleagues,

With the help of many of you the "Bibliography of Translations from the Chinese Buddhist Canon into Western Languages" has grown from c.800 entries last February to 1010 entries as of today. The bibliography which has been online since 2001 is hosted here:

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