Re: QUERY> A New Chinese Buddhist Canon (Zhōnghuá dàzàng jīng xù biān 中华大藏经续编)

Dear Prof. Sharf,

Just to add a bit more information about the treatment of the Shinsan Zokuzōkyō 新纂續藏經. As far as I can tell, the "supplemental series" (续编) will not directly reproduce those Zokuzōkyō texts of which premodern prints can be found in China; at least the publisher's plan claims that variant readings will be provided in the apparatus (whether the apparatus is critical, I don't know). For those texts that can only be found in Japan, my guess is that probably they would only punctuate the texts.

Re: QUERY> A New Chinese Buddhist Canon (Zhōnghuá dàzàng jīng xù biān 中华大藏经续编)

Hi Bob,

I hope someone more familiar with this project will have better information. Reputable scholars are involved in the project, and someone on this list must know more about it. However, my impression (so far) is that the "supplemental series" 续编 of the 中华大藏经(汉文部分) would not be a priority for a research library like UC Berkeley that already has many of the base texts in its collection.

Re: QUERY> A New Chinese Buddhist Canon (Zhōnghuá dàzàng jīng xù biān 中华大藏经续编)

Dear Dr. Sharf,

It depends on what other Chinese Canons you have in your collection.

How much are they selling it?

I'm not familiar with the project, but I can find out in Taiwan for you.

Yours truly,

James Gu

QUERY> A New Chinese Buddhist Canon (Zhōnghuá dàzàng jīng xù biān 中华大藏经续编)

Our librarian just brought a new Chinese publishing project to my attention: Zhōnghuá dàzàng jīng xù biān《中华大藏经续编》being published by 中华书局. The description of the project is as follows:



JOB > Open-Rank Professor in Religious Studies (Chinese Buddhism)

The Department of Religious Studies at University of the West invites applications for a full-time, open rank, tenure-track/tenured position in Buddhist Studies for Fall 2020. We seek a dynamic teacher-scholar with primary research expertise in Chinese Buddhism. An appreciation of Buddhist practice and applied approaches is also desired.

RESOURCE> Linkup between Bingenheimer Bibliography of Translations and Chinese Buddhist Canonical Attributions database

Dear list members,

We just wanted briefly to let you know that we have now linked the following two resources:

“Bibliography of Translations from the Chinese Buddhist Canon into Western Languages”

RESOURCE> Chinese Buddhist Canonical Attributions database (CBC@)

Dear colleagues,

On November 9 2017, I announced on this list the launch of an online reference work to help scholars track scholarship and evidence pertaining to attributions (and, by implication, dates) of Chinese Buddhist texts —the Chinese Buddhist Canonical Attributions database (CBC@).

RESOURCE: Library of .slr files (to run user-delimited searches) for use with CBReader

Dear colleagues,

The CBReader allows searching through user-delimited groups of texts, rather than the entire corpus. This functionality is a powerful facet of the CBReader's search capacities. However, I have found that creation of such groups can be cumbersome with the CBReader point-and-click interface, especially if the groups one wishes to create are very large, and not captured by the traditional organisation of the canon.

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