ToC for Journal of the Early Republic Vol. 40.2


Following is the Table of Contents for the latest issue of the Journal of the Early Republic.

Published by the University of Pennsylvania Press.

Volume 40.2, Summer 2020

Africa in the Early Republic and the Early Republic in Africa

Naming Our African Ancestors: Pushing, and Respecting, the Limits
Rebecca Shumway

Philanthropy as Politics in Indian Territory

The Turtle Island Examiner

By a happy coincidence, the scholarly community has just provided a thoughtful, well-researched explanation of a historical anomaly reported in last year's press. In the spring of 2015 the Irish Examiner announced that Alex Pentek was working on a monument to those Cherokees and Choctaws who, in 1847, sent $800 in famine relief to the beleaguered Irish.

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