CFP - Nobilities and Social Hierarchies (Fifteenth to nineteenth centuries)

Call for Papers | Special Issue: Nobility and Social Hierarchies, 15th to 19th
History Journal Maracanan, n. 19 (jul. 2018) - University of the State of Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil

What was nobility? Far from being a monolithic status group, recent historiography has
emphasized the many forms nobility could assume in Europe and the New World throughout
history. What social role did aristocrats play? How did this role transform when he crossed the

"Practice and Theory": A special issue of Confluence: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Inquiry

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Call for Papers
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Contemporary History, Cultural History / Studies, Humanities, Graduate Studies, Intellectual History

Call for Papers: Shofar Special Issue: The Feminist Art of Religious Women

In 2012, Rama Burshtein’s film Fill the Void was nominated for the Grand Jury award at the Venice Film Festival. This story of Orthodox Jewish life painted a sympathetic portrait that attempted to showcase women’s subjectivity within what has often been depicted on screen as an oppressive patriarchal society. Working with a rabbi’s supervision, Burshtein made a film that was not only acceptable within community standards but that was publically acclaimed, nominated for numerous international awards and found widespread success.


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