SHAFR 2019 Panel: National Security State

I am looking to form a panel on how the National Security State developed during the Cold War for SHAFR 2019. My paper is entitled, "Nixon's War: Fighting the Institutional State." It will examine Nixon's attempts to centralize power in the presidency, and reshape the National Security State to maximize (his) presidential prerogatives.

Seeking Participants for a Panel on Midwestern Cities in the 1970s

Seeking participants for a panel "Between the Urban and Suburban Crises: Midwestern Cities in the 1970s"

What happened to the industrial heartland in the crucial decade between Model Cities in the 1960s and rising suburban black homeownership in the 1980s? Racial unrest erupted in Ferguson in 2014, not in central St. Louis--how did the 1970s shape this development?

Queer History Conference 2019 - who wants to be on my panel?

I am pondering wether to attend Queer History Conference 2019 in San Francisco, June 6-8 2019. From the CFP it invites you to put together a panel and submit by November 1 2018.

I reached out to my research contacts and it seems none of them plan to attend. So this is a general appeal:

I am looking to put together a panel related to the following areas:

The homosexual identity in the nineteenth century
Origins of sexology
Karl Heinrich Ulrichs

SHAFR Panel: The Transnational Cold War

Dear fellow scholars, 

I wanted to open a discussion about the possibility of creating a panel proposal for the upcoming SHAFR Conference. My research focuses upon how Senator McCarthy and the anti-Communist movements of the 1950s shaped British attitudes towards the U.S. as well as inflicted discernable damage to the diplomatic relationship exists between the two nations. I was curious if any fellow scholars had research that might dovetail with mine? Themes could include, but are not limited to:


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