CFP Histories of flexibility (Journal of Energy History)


Histories of Flexibility, special Issue of the Journal of Energy History / Revue d’histoire de l’énergie (JEHRHE)

Co-Editors: Peter Forman (Lancaster University) Stanley Blue (Lancaster University) Elizabeth Shove (Lancaster University)

Deadline: 7th June 2019



CFP | 1989: Reconsidering the Nation and its Alternatives in Central & Eastern Europe

The collapse of socialist regimes across Eastern Europe in 1989 has often been described as an “autumn of nations,” a process of national liberation from unaccountable governments through the exercise of popular will. But during and after 1989, national mobilization also coincided with tectonic international and supranational developments: the collapse of the Soviet empire, the retrenchment of socialist internationalism, the expansion of NATO, and the widening scope of European integration, to name only a few.

Reminder: CfP: 5th Annual European Symposium on Turkey: The Concept of Culture and its Politicization in Turkey and the Diaspora, 29-30 November 2019

Consortium for European Symposia on Turkey

Call for Papers – 5th Annual European Symposium on Turkey:

Call for Articles: Marine Corps History


Marine Corps History is accepting submissions of scholarly articles focused on new and unique research into the Corps’ history, from its earliest actions to the Cold War and beyond. The editors also are interested in book reviews and in articles about how the Corps’ history is being used in the classroom or in the field to preserve it or to support lessons learned.



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