CS: Germany and Central Europe in the Twentieth Century

This course will explore the history of Central Europe during the last century. For our purposes, Central Europe will encompass the countries of Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia. One of the goals of the course will be to try and figure out the political, cultural and economic links between these nations, and to think about the ways in which their pasts intertwine. The general approach of the course will be regional and comparative rather than national.

CS: Literature and Culture of Central Europe

This course is designed to provide an introduction to the issues, ideas, and genres in the literature of Central Europe from the years around 1900 to the present. Through the study of literature, cinema, and the artistic avant-garde, we will explore a broad and diverse cultural history that extends from the Habsburg Empire to two World Wars, communism, and beyond. Our readings and classroom discussions will focus on situating individual works in a cultural and historical context in order to gain insights into the significance of cultural traditions.


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