Upcoming Deadline: William L. Clements Library 2021-22 Research Fellowships

The William L. Clements Library at the University of Michigan is accepting applications for 2021-2022 research fellowships. Specializing in pre-1900 American history and culture, the Clements Library's primary resources (books, manuscripts, prints, maps, photographs, and much more) support diverse research topics. Particular strengths include: military history, gender and ethnicity, religion, the American Revolution, Native American history, slavery and antislavery, Atlantic history, the Caribbean, cartography, the Civil War, reform movements, travel, and exploration, among others.

ANN: Mapping the Haitian Revolution by Stephanie CURCI and Chris JONES

Mapping the Haitian Revolution is an interactive map and timeline project that traces the narratives of power and shifting alliances across geography and time from precolonial kingdoms through the Revolution and up to Haiti’s current borders with the Dominican Republic. At its core is a 17-map progression, offering layered historical information and links tied to an interactive timeline that can be manually or automatically played.

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