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Feeding the Elephant readers may be interested in a recent guest post from the Scholarly Kitchen called "Managing Your Career in Publishing," focusing on identifying and developing skills and professional networking through organizations like the Association of University Presses, the Association of American

Re: Establishing as an Independent Scholar (query)

Hello, Dr. Shapiro! I exchanged emails with the membership officer of the NCIS on Tuesday and will candidate for membership shortly.

I LOL'd to read your compliment about the General Editor of their journal. Then I saw that it was you!

Doors are opening for me through H-NET.

I would be glad to participate in the NCIS.

Take care,
Robert A. Siegel

Re: Establishing as an Independent Scholar (query)

Dear Mr. Siegel,

I suggest that you consider becoming a member of the National Coalition of Independent Scholars, which is the sponsor of H-Scholar. You will find information about NCIS on the H-Scholar home page. They publish a journal, The Independent Scholar; hold national conferences; and offer opportunities for networking.

Joanne Lafler

Re: Establishing as an Independent Scholar (query)

I would strongly encourage you to join two organizations: the American Historical Association and the National Coalition of Independent Scholars. The AHA is welcoming to independent scholars, and has a broad array of resources and opportunities to tap into for presenting work, writing, and reviewing books. At the AHA, you'll connect with historians working in a variety of contexts - from academia to museums to K-12, etc. You might start there.

Establishing as an Independent Scholar (query)

Hello, everyone!  I have a history degree and have worked at local historical societies. Currently, I am administrating in the central office of an urban school district. I enjoy my job but want to expand as an independent scholar.

Specifically, I want to write articles, present papers and review books. Over ten years ago, I did the first two and enjoyed it.  I would also like to network with other Independent Scholars.

What do you suggest?

Robert A. Siegel

Baltimore City Public Schools

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