Re: Establishing as an Independent Scholar (query)

Hello, Dr. Shapiro! I exchanged emails with the membership officer of the NCIS on Tuesday and will candidate for membership shortly.

I LOL'd to read your compliment about the General Editor of their journal. Then I saw that it was you!

Doors are opening for me through H-NET.

I would be glad to participate in the NCIS.

Take care,
Robert A. Siegel

Re: Establishing as an Independent Scholar (query)

Dear Mr. Siegel,

I suggest that you consider becoming a member of the National Coalition of Independent Scholars, which is the sponsor of H-Scholar. You will find information about NCIS on the H-Scholar home page. They publish a journal, The Independent Scholar; hold national conferences; and offer opportunities for networking.

Joanne Lafler

Re: Establishing as an Independent Scholar (query)

I would strongly encourage you to join two organizations: the American Historical Association and the National Coalition of Independent Scholars. The AHA is welcoming to independent scholars, and has a broad array of resources and opportunities to tap into for presenting work, writing, and reviewing books. At the AHA, you'll connect with historians working in a variety of contexts - from academia to museums to K-12, etc. You might start there.

Establishing as an Independent Scholar (query)

Hello, everyone!  I have a history degree and have worked at local historical societies. Currently, I am administrating in the central office of an urban school district. I enjoy my job but want to expand as an independent scholar.

Specifically, I want to write articles, present papers and review books. Over ten years ago, I did the first two and enjoyed it.  I would also like to network with other Independent Scholars.

What do you suggest?

Robert A. Siegel

Baltimore City Public Schools

ASECS panel (comment)


The American Society for Eighteenth-Century studies has issued a call for submissions for its next conference in Denver March 21-23, 2019. 

ASECS composes its program by publishing descriptions of proposed panels and inviting submissions from people interested in participating in a particular panel.  Among the panels listed is the following: 


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