“World’s Series Hockey Game Knocked Out by Influenza”: The 1918 influenza pandemic and the abandoned Stanley Cup final of 1919 - Champlain Society June 2020 Findings/Trouvailles

This month the Champlain Society makes a relevant return to a Finding originally written in April 2014 by Dr. Douglas Hunter, the former editor of Findings/Trouvailles. Below is a preview.

E-Dossier: Six Nations Appeal to the League of Nations: 1922-31

In the 1920s, the Six Nations (Haudenosaunee or Iroquois) Confederacy appealed to the League of Nations for assistance against an invasion by Canada. Today we publish an e-dossier of documents on the appeal from League, Canadian & Six Nations sources. It is available at http://historybeyondborders.ca/?p=189

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