Re: [SAMAJ: Call for Special Issue Papers and Seminar] South Asia from the Lens of Student Politics

Dear colleagues,

This is to remind you that the deadline to submit abstracts for the SAMAJ special issue and seminar ‘South Asia from the Lens of Student Politics’ is on Sunday 1 April.

We look forward to reading your abstracts.

Swedish officers in Iran, 1914-18

Dear List Members,


I am currently trying to put together a conference which ideally should take place at Hamadan (Iran) in autumn this year (2018).


The subject will be the First World War in central and western Iran (1914-18), ideally with an attention not only to politics and high strategy, but also to the reality on the ground (small-scale fighting between Russian and German-Ottoman forces in Kurdistan and Lorestan, and between German and Anglo-Russian forces in central Iran).


62nd Annual American Studies Association of Texas (ASAT) Conference "'Tell All The Truth, But Tell It Slant': Reading Between The Lines Of The American Narrative"

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Date: November 8, 2018 to November 10, 2018
United States


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