Special Issue of Contemporary Legend on COVID-19

Contemporary Legend: Special Issue on COVID-19

Call for Papers

(deadline for submissions August, 1 2020)
Contemporary Legend, the scholarly journal published annually by the International Society for Contemporary Legend Research, is accepting submissions for a special issue on COVID-19.

Unfolding and uncertain events are the moments where narrative emerges (or re-emerges) to fill the vacuum, as people work to make sense of the present and

Re: Call for Chapters: Armies in Retreat

If I may be permitted a bit of whimsy, this call for chapters reminded me of these verses from the song "St. Clair's Defeat:"

Three hours more we fought them
Till then we had to yield
Nine hundred of our comrades
Lay stretched upon the field
Says Major Clark, “My heroes
We can no longer stand
We will strive to form in order
And retreat the best we can”

Time for a new kind of exhibition review?

We're all living with the reality that art exhibitions, in the traditional visit-a-museum sense, are currently on an indefinite hiatus. However, one of the amazing things happening amidst orders to stay at home is the sheer volume of art-related material appearing online to entertain and educate. Some of it is coming from artists and institutions trying to create alternative income streams for themselves, some of it is intended to help educators thrown into online teaching with few resources, some of it is created by people who are stuck at home and bored out of their skulls.

LLAMADA PARA CAPÍTULO DE LIBRO: Perspectivas para a Formação Profissional e os desafios da educação para um mundo em mudança

LLAMADA PARA CAPÍTULO DE LIBRO “Perspectivas para a Formação Profissional e os desafios da educação para um mundo em mudança”




Water, power, and politics. An environmental history. CALL FOR PAPERS FOR A SPECIAL ISSUE OF «Contemporanea. Rivista di storia dell’800 e del ’900»

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Call for Publications
April 30, 2020
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