Seeking Fellow Panelists for South Asia Conference - Univ of Wisconsin-Madison

Good Morning,

I am looking for fellow material culture historians, historical archaeologists, cultural historians, or world historians to form a panel for the University of Wisconsin-Madison South Asia Conference. My own research deals with Gujarat and other port cities in the Indian Ocean context of the early modern period, and I am working on material culture from this era that depicts the cultural and ideological exchanges as evidence of close contact and syncretic cultural formations. 

Call for Panelist: BRANCH 2019 Conference

Call for Panelist:

BRANCH 2019 conference, Edinburgh, October 11-13.

We are looking for a third presenter for a panel on prisons and criminal justice in the late 19th/early 20th centuries. If interested, please email a brief description of your work and a brief bio to Amy Wood, by April 8.

CFP Seeking panelists for Annual Conference on South Asia in UW Madison

Dear colleagues,

I am seeking co-panelists for the upcoming South Asia Conference in UW Madison. This year's theme is 'Artistry.' My paper explores the trope of travel and its use in Children's Literature. I would like to organize this panel around travel literature and 'artistry.' 

Please send a draft abstract of not more than 250 words to Rajashree Mazumder (

Call for Panelist and Commentator (Berks 2020): State Control of Women’s Reproduction

We are organizing a panel on government control of women’s reproduction, population politics, eugenics, pro-natalism, and motherhood for the 2020 Berkshire Conference on the history of women, gender, and sexuality in Baltimore.

CFP: "Gender, Slavery, and the City in African History: Celebrating Kristin Mann," The 4th Annual Lagos Studies Association Conference. Lagos, Nigeria. June 27-29, 2019

Call for Panelists

“Gender, Slavery, and the City in African History: Celebrating Kristin Mann."

The 4th Annual Lagos Studies Association Conference. Lagos, Nigeria. June 27-29, 2019


CFP, Immobilities: Space, class and status in Asia (panel for Asian Dynamics Initiative Conference, Copenhagen, 17-19 June 2019)

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Call for Papers
March 10, 2019

Suggested Panel for NACBS 2019

I am hoping to put together a panel for the 2019 NACBS on Scotland from c.1684-1708, but I am opening to changing the date range. I am planning to present on the power struggle between Isobel MacKenzie and Lady Frances Herbert during William MacKenzie, 5th earl of Seaforth's minority and discuss the role of women in Clan MacKenzie.

If you are interested in joining, please message me.

Edwin Sheffield, Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Glasgow


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