Call for Chapters- China's Rise

Dear Friends:

We are seeking chapters for our edited volume tentatively titled China's Rise: Regional and Global Implications. Within this theme, a broad range of topics and perspectives will be considered. We will publish with an internationally-known publisher in the field.


Romi Jain, Faculty of Management, University of British Columbia, Canada

Joseph Tse-Hei Lee, Professor of History, Pace University, New York City, USA


January 16, 2019: A brief chapter proposal/outline in 50-60 words

Call for Chapter Contributors: Windows into the Medieval Mediterranean

Contributors are sought for an edited collection, under contract with publishers Taylor and Francis, that illuminates the many worlds of the Medieval Mediterranean, from 470 to 1350, as a space both geographically unified between East and West around a single body of water, and simultaneously a region of great cultural, political, economic, religious, and linguistic diversity.


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