ANN: Call for Reviewers from Your New H-Latam Book Review Editors

Dear H-Latam Colleagues,

We’re happy to announce a new call for reviewers for our network and to introduce ourselves as the new book review editors for H-Latam. We’re looking forward to working with you all to revitalize the reviews section of our network and encourage discussion of new works in our field.

H-Socialisms Seeks Book Reviewers

H-Socialisms posts book reviews on the history, practices, and relevance of ‘socialisms’, past and present. Socialism has meant many things to many people, and we hope for H-Socialisms to reflect this diversity of perspectives and interests. Book topics include religious and secular millenarianisms, populist upsurges, the traditional foci on social democracy, marxism, and anarchism, the newer independent and autonomous social movements, recent trends regarding the commons and communalization, and much more.

Agricultural History seeks Book Review Editors

The journal Agricultural History is seeking two book review editors to assume the position in January 2017. One editor would work with books from US-based presses, and one would handle non-US presses. Potential editors will have a terminal degree in her/his field and considerable experience in the area of agricultural and rural history.

Journal of Popular Culture: Call for Book Reviewers

The Journal of Popular Culture currently has the following books available for review.  If you’re interested in reviewing one of these books AND have a completed master’s degree in hand, please email the tile of the book you are interested in, along with your mailing address to the JPC’s book review editor, Tricia Jenkins, at  

Book reviews will be due by Sept 15th, 2016.

Call for Reviewers--and books!

H-Low Countries is actively recruiting reviewers for its book reviews program. Our current roster of reviewers is weighted somewhat heavily towards the history of the early modern period, New Netherland, and the Holocaust. There are some exciting recent titles that we would like to have reviewed, for example in postcolonial studies. If interested in becoming a reviewer, please see the original CFR for details:

Call for Reviewers

Dear all,

If you are interested in reviewing books or media for H-Water, please use the linked form to provide or update your contact details and interests. We welcome interests from a variety of geographical regions and chronoligical time periods. If you have previously expressed interest or have reviewed for H-Water in the past, please update your information.


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