Humboldt Journal of Social Relations Special Issue: California Genocide and Healing

In 1979, When Our Worlds Cried: Genocide in Northwestern California by Jack Norton (Hupa/Cherokee) was published, it was one of the few monographs that centered on California Indian genocide. Norton’s work set the stage for future research by historians, sociologists, anthropologists, linguists, and Indigenous studies scholars to develop a body of work focused on Indigenous viewpoints that re-interrogate the history of settlement, the development of the state, and the resulting societal divides.

Re-Forming Narratives of the “Other California”: Race, Labor, and Civil Rights in California’s Central Valley

Chair: Dawn Mabalon, San Francisco State University
• Michael Eissinger, Fresno City College / California State University, Fresno
• Patrick Fontes, Stanford University
• Oliver Rosales, Bakersfield College

Historicizing the Golden State: New Directions in California History

Chair and Commentator: Josh Sides, California State University, Northridge

San Francisco’s World’s Fairs and the Pacific World: 1915 and 1939
Abigail Markwyn, Carroll University

Catholics in the Golden State: Raising a Catholic Infrastructure in Post-War California, 1945–1962
Steven Avella, Marquette University

Co-Opting the Border: African Americans Fighting American Racial Injustice from Baja California
Laura Hooton, University of California, Santa Barbara


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