H-Diplo Roundtable XIX, 12 on A Delicate Relationship: The United States and Burma/Myanmar Since 1945



Roundtable Review
Volume XIX, No. 12
20 November 2017

Roundtable Editors: Thomas Maddux and Diane Labrosse
Roundtable and Web Production Editor: George Fujii

Introduction by Andrew J. Rotter

Re: QUERY> Burma crisis, Buddhist crisis

Hello, -- breaking news: A colleague just sent this link to a report on a minority group of decent Burmese Buddhists who dare to oppose the dominant current trend of hate, violence incitement, and anti-Muslim rhetoric from the Buddhist ultra-nationalist monks who have set the current trend and clearly enjoy support from the armed forces that just implemented the expulsion of 600,000-700,000 people from their country.

The brave group is called the "Anti-False Buddhist Doctrine Committee" (အဓမ္မ ဝါဒ ဆန့်ကျင်ရေး ကော်မတီ)

Re: QUERY> Burma crisis, Buddhist crisis

Dear Magnus,

thank you for raising this highly important issue.

Probably, the discussion on this scholarly list could benefit from quotable, academic sources on the conflict and its historical and geopolitical background. Since I cannot claim any expertise on Burma, let me just draw attention to the work of Jacques P. Leider. Some of his writings are available online, and it is surely worthwhile to access hard copies of others.


Re: QUERY> Burma crisis, Buddhist crisis

Hello and many thanks.

Here on this list, what I was asking originally was about whether any Buddhists in Burma are opposing and debating the genocidal rhetoric of the ultranationalist fellow Buddhists who have been promoting the expulsion and killing of Muslim minority people in their country. But seems there is no such debate, at least not openly, and I was guessing in conclusion that this must be because most people in Burma now, including Buddhists and Buddhist clergy, if there are anyone opposed, they are afraid to speak against the prevailing atmosphere.

Re: QUERY> Burma crisis, Buddhist crisis

Hello and many thanks to Dr. Paul Fuller for suggestions, and to the Ven. Pandita, for very valuable nuance on the situation of monks in Burma. ... but, to me, what is still missing, it seems, is information on whether there is any debate within buddhism in Burma about what now seems to be a dominant genocide-supporting incitement rhetoric by Burmese Buddhists, actively supporting the dramatic escalation since August, in effect enabling the mass ethnic cleansing campaign by the Burmese army which is the most dramatic in all of this history of discrimination.

Re: QUERY> Burma crisis, Buddhist crisis

Dear Magnus,

I am a Burmese Buddhist monk and Buddhologist, at present living abroad. I have a sort of answer to the second part of your question: "what debate there has been within Burmese Buddhism, if any?" about the Rohingya crisis.

Actually, very little. There are several reasons for this complacence (I shall use the term "Burmese" in the following to refer to non-Rohingya natives, including the Burmese majority, of Burma):


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