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Discussion published by Jessica Starling on Monday, July 13, 2020 

Crosspost from H-Buddhism

Dear colleagues,

I write to draw your attention to an excellent set of review essays, published over the last couple of years and now gathered together in a virtual issue of Religion Compass entitled "Women and Buddhism."  These essays should be valuable resources for anyone who teaches Buddhism or whose research on Buddhism intersects with gender.

The essays are:

LECTURE SERIES> Rainy Season Research Series - Theravada Buddhism Talks + Class

Dear colleagues, 

Please join us during Vassa 2020/2564 for a series of online talks related to Theravada Buddhism by various researchers starting Friday, 17th July. If you have some Pali, you are also welcome to attend a class taught by Aleix Ruiz-Falqués on Kaccāyana’s grammar starting Wednesday, 19th August.

Please find information in this link which will be updated with any changes:

Reminder: MJHW (Online Meeting) on Assassination and Zen Terror - Friday, July 10th

Please join us for the next meeting of the Modern Japan History Workshop on Friday, July 10th at 6 pm JST.  Our presenter this month will be Brian Victoria (Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies), who will present his work on assassination and Zen terror (details below).

This month’s session will be held online through ZOOM, and can be accessed using the following sign-in information:

Re: Seeking information on Buddhism and Mt. Geling 葛嶺 in China.

Dear List Members,

Many thanks to everyone for their comments and suggestions regarding my query. It seems that Geling carries Daoist (via Ge Hong) rather than Buddhist connotations as a place. The only mention in the Buddhist Canon is in the passage that Dan Lusthaus quoted from the Brief Study of the Ancients and Buddhists (Shimin jigu lue 釋氏稽古略, T.2037).

Best Regards
George Klonos

Re: Seeking information on Buddhism and Mt. Geling 葛嶺 in China.

Dear George,

You might want to look at 《釋氏稽古略》T49.2037.833a12-23. It is about a 布氏侍 = 布毛侍 who wants to become a Buddhist monastic. The passage ends:《釋氏稽古略》卷3:「建伽藍於喜鵲寺之東葛嶺之西塢曰招賢(傳燈錄)。」(CBETA, T49, no. 2037, p. 833, a22-23)



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