Application Deadline Extended: The 2018 Fo Guang Buddhist Monastric Retreat

Dear colleagues:

The Fo Guang Shan has extended their deadline from the end of March until mid-April. The Fo Guang Buddhist Monastric Retreat will hold their annual monthly monastic retreat at Fo Guang Shan. Participants will have a chance to experience monastic life, Buddhist chanting rituals, Dharma classes, and meditation retreat. Everything is covered save for the airfare and, to reiterate, application will stay open until mid-April, so anyone interested can still apply.

Re: QUERY> Meat Eating in Monastic Contexts

Dear Justin,

Meat eating by an ill monk can be found in Shobo Genzo Zuimonki, a compilation of precepts attributed to Dogen (1200-1253), the founder of Soto Zen sect in Japan. I thought this episode could be of interest to you, especially if interpreted as an allegory of a psychiatric disease. Following is my translation (Gosoen-no E in the text seems to be a title of a kind of compilation of Zen sayings by Zen masters who lived before Dogen):

Re: QUERY> Meat Eating in Monastic Contexts

Dear Justin

At a glance, I remembered these two instances in Bhesajjakhandhaka of Mahāvaggapāḷi. I hope they will be helpful for your research.

“Tena kho pana samayena aññatarassa bhikkhuno amanussikābādho hoti. Taṃ ācariyupajjhāyā upaṭṭhahantā nāsakkhiṃsu arogaṃ kātuṃ. So sūkarasūnaṃ gantvā āmakamaṃsaṃ khādi, āmakalohitaṃ pivi. Tassa so amanussikābādho paṭippassambhi. Bhagavato etamatthaṃ ārocesuṃ. Anujānāmi, bhikkhave, amanussikābādhe āmakamaṃsaṃ āmakalohitanti.”

QUERY> Meat Eating in Monastic Contexts

Dear Colleagues,

I am looking for studies, of any type, that discuss the eating of meat by monastics in the context of sickness. I am aware of the well-known exception that allows monastics to eat meat as long as the animal was not killed expressly for donation. I would be happy to learn of studies that examine this in detail, but I am particularly interested in exceptions dealing directly with sickness. I am drafting an article that examines ethical food choices in relation to medical disabilities.

WORKSHOP> International Max Planck Workshop "Sangha Economies"

Dear all,

Just a quick reminder that the deadline for the below workshop is close. Professor David Gellner (Oxford) has kindly agreed to act as a discussant.

Best, Christoph Brumann


International Max Planck Workshop

"Sangha Economies: Temple Organisation and Exchanges in Contemporary Buddhism"

21 – 22 September 2017

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