CFP: Mid-Atlantic Conference on British Studies Annual Meeting, April 6-7 2019, William & Mary, Williamsburg VA

The MACBS -- the mid-Atlantic affiliate of the NACBS, the main organization for British Studies in Canada and the United States – is soliciting proposals for papers and panels on all areas of British Studies for our annual conference at William & Mary in Williamsburg.

Call for Panelists

Call for Panelists: End of Empire: Britain in the Middle East and Africa, 1945- 1969.

We are looking for one or two more scholars to complete a panel exploring the end of the British Empire in the Middle East or Africa for the upcoming Mid Atlantic Conference on British Studies Annual Meeting (April 6th-April 7th 2019). Papers should consider the British Empire during the period of decolonization in the Middle East or Africa. We would also be looking for a chair/commentator for the panel.


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