Does Britain Have a Future

Brian Girvin Blog Post

Does Britain have a Future?

In this post Brian Girvin, University of Glasgow, examines some of the challenges to the future of Britain and the United Kingdom

Since the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in 2016, there has been considerable controversy about the future relationships between its component parts. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has now left the European Union formally and sovereignty has been returned to the Parliament at Westminster. Many observers believe that the disintegration of the Union that binds the so-called four nations within the

Nationalism and sovereignty

Chris Gilligan Blog Post

Chris Gilligan, author of Northern Ireland and the Crisis of Anti-racism, introduces the first in a series of Blog posts on the topic of sovereignty and nationalism. 

Sovereignty seems to have become something of a buzzword for populist nationalists in recent years. American President, Donald Trump, for example, used the terms ‘sovereign’ or ‘sovereignty’ twenty-one times in his maiden speech to the United Nations, in 2017. In the United Kingdom (UK), the term was, and continues to be, widely invoked by advocates of the UK revoking its membership of the European Union (EU). The term has been