Academic documentary about a Native American community in Brazil

Keepers of the Forest is a new, open access academic documentary produced by myself (Dr. Darren R. Reid) which explores the history and culture of the Kaingang people of southern Brazil. The film is designed to serve as an introductory text for audiences wishing to:

Luso-tropical, oriental and post-luso-tropical medievalisms: Crossroads in the definition of the Portuguese Middle Ages as Brazilian past. C. 1850-c.1980

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Call for Papers
March 10, 2019

SHA 2018 Report: New Approaches to the Long Tradition of US-Brazil Comparative Histories: Frontiers, Black Emigration and Slavery, and Print Culture

The Panel "New Approaches to the Long Tradition of US-Brazil Comparative Histories," sponsored by the Latin American and Caribbean Section at the Southern Historian Association, was a reminder of how important a transnational lens is to the study of the nineteenth century. The conversations about abolition, frontier expansion, and the movement of people were never confined to the limitations of a nation state.

SMH 2019: Panel on World War II

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We are currently looking for a third panelist or additional panelists interested in presenting on aspects of World War II. I will be presenting a paper on the experiences of Italian-American servicemen serving in Italy and their relationship with Italians there, while another Ohio State peer (Carson Teuscher) will be focusing on the experiences of the Brazilian servicemen of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force in Italy. We also have a chair and a commentator for the panel, but need a third panelist to be able to submit a complete panel proposal.


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